Should I Pay Cash or Finance the Purchase of The Mazda3?

Finding the perfect car for you can sometimes prove to be quite difficult. After all, there are countless SUVs, vans, cars, and trucks out there for you to choose from. If you're having a hard time deciding, it's always a great idea to start with the basics. Do you want a car or an SUV? What about features and trim levels?

With a new or pre-owned Mazda3, you'll find that this ride brings much to the table. For instance, you receive a variety of technology, safety, and comfort features. On top of that, you have several trim levels to choose from as well. With a cozy and comfortable exterior, you and your friends will enjoy all the Mazda3 has to offer!

You can find the Mazda3 and many other automobiles at Berglund Mazda Salem. At our dealership, we give our shoppers plenty of choices. This not only applies to our large inventory, but other aspects as well. So, whether you're considering paying cash for your Mazda3 or financing, we're here to help break it down for you.

The Advantages of Paying Cash for Your Mazda3

When it comes to paying cash, the process is quick and easy. Simply stop by our dealership, choose the vehicle you want, pay, and then be on your way. There's just something special about saving up enough money to buy an automobile in cash. It's a sense of accomplishment. You also don't have to worry about monthly payments or interest charges.

The Advantages of Financing a Mazda3

For those of you considering the financing route, that's okay too! With our low interest rates, you'll be surprised with how little you pay with monthly payments. For first-time car buyers and those seeking to improve their credit, financing is an excellent option. By making on-time payments each month, you show creditors that you're responsible and have self-discipline. For many, monthly payments are easier to handle that paying all up front.

Come See Us at Berglund Mazda

Now that you know a bit about paying in cash verses financing, feel free to stop by our dealership. When you choose Berglund Mazda Salem, our knowledgeable team members will be more than happy to sit down with you to go over your options, fill you in on our special offers, and much more!

You'll find our dealership conveniently located at 834 E. Main Street, Salem, VA 24153, which means residents of Fincastle, Elliston, and Goodview are just a short drive away. We look forward to seeing you soon and putting you behind the wheel of your Mazda3!