Paying Cash vs Financing a Mazda6

You've searched high and low to find your ultimate midsize car, and you've chosen one that you're sure to love - the Mazda6. After all, when you consider this vehicle's sleek and stylish exterior, feature-packed cabin, and athletic performance, it's a clear winner in all the right ways. Now only the details remain before you drive off in your Mazda6.

One of those details is whether you should pay the full price in cash or finance the cost with an auto loan. There are solid reasons behind each choice, and it all depends on what works best for your unique needs and preferences. We will examine the options more closely below, but this is a point worth making: When you buy a Mazda6 from Berglund Mazda, you'll be sure to claim an amazing deal no matter which way you pay.

The Pros of Paying Cash

It's hard to beat the excitement of driving off the dealership lot behind the wheel of a new car you've just purchased in full. Paying cash for your Mazda6 at the time of the sale is a quick and simple transaction - and one that's always rewarding.

With no finance arrangements to iron out or monthly payments hanging over your head, in no time at all you'll be cruising the roads of Salem in your shiny new car.

If you have a lump sum of cash at your disposal to buy your Mazda6 on the spot, it's a fantastic way to pay. But for many car buyers, having that much cash is the sticking point. Still, that doesn't leave you without options.

You can choose to pay a portion of the price in cash and then finance the rest. With your smaller loan, your payments will be lower, and you'll achieve full ownership of your Mazda6 much sooner than if you had financed the whole amount. It's a great way to experience the best of both worlds.

Benefits of Financing Your Mazda6

If you don't have that much cash, or if you'd rather keep it in the bank, you can finance the cost of your Mazda6 with a low-interest auto loan. At Berglund Mazda, we have an on-site team of financing experts who are here to get you a loan that you're truly comfortable with. Regardless of your credit score, they will work on your behalf to get you approved for a great auto loan from among our huge network of trusted lenders.

Financing a vehicle is a great choice for many buyers, because it allows you to spread out payments for your car over a period of months or years. The result? Manageable monthly payments that won't weigh too heavy on your budget.

If your credit needs work, making timely payments on an auto loan is a great way to improve your score.

Your Mazda6 Is in Stock at Berglund Mazda

No matter how you choose to pay for your Mazda6, you'll be thrilled with the car itself and the savings you'll get when you buy from Berglund Mazda. We have a spectacular selection of all the new Mazda modelsyou love, plus a huge and diverse array of high-quality used vehicles in stock and priced to sell fast! View our selection online and then hurry in for some thrilling test drives of your favorites. We can't wait to show you how much you can save!